Improver VDT

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  • Birthdate 2013
  • Height 1.67m
  • Colour Black
  • Studbook KWPN


Performance test report

Improver VDT is a more than sufficiently developed stallion with more than sufficient rectangular-shaped conformation. The head is attractive with a beautiful eye. The poll has sufficient length with a correct head-neck connection. The neck has good length, shape, and muscling but comes out slightly deep from the chest. The wither is well developed and has good length. The shoulder has good placement and length. The back has sufficient length and good muscling but is slightly dropped. The loins have good muscling and are well connected. The croup has good placement, length and muscling. There is good length from the point of the hip to the point of the buttock. The front leg is slightly camped under when viewed from the side, and the right front leg is toed out when viewed from the front. The hind leg is a fraction straight. The pasterns have good length, and the front pasterns have slightly weak conformation. The legs are well developed and of good quality. The hooves are well developed with good shape and quality, but the heels are slightly under-run.

The talented stallion Apache, Improver VDT’s sire, successfully debuted last year in Grand Prix dressage under Emmelie Scholtens. The combination is in the race to compete in the Olympics at Rio de Janeiro. Apache boasts several offspring which were selected for the National Mare Inspection; and his sons have already produced a number of offspring which have been selected for the National Mare Inspection. Apache’s sons Grand Galaxy Win and Hometown are approved by the KWPN.

Improver VDT is out of Velvet V.D.T., who was the champion of the National Mare Inspection as a three-year-old. She is a full-sister to the KWPN stallion Osmium and the dam of the Z-level dressage horse Londonderry. Her son by Jazz, Goldfinger V.D.T., is approved by the DWB studbook. Velvet’s sire Ferro won the team silver at the Olympic Games and placed fifth individually, the crowning achievement of his successful international dressage career under Coby van Baalen.

Besides her son Osmium, the mare E-Delypsa also produced a Z2-level dressage horse by Ungaro, a ZZ-light-level dressage horse by Amati and a Z-level dressage horse by Animo. Other horses out of this dam-line comprised mainly of jumper blood include the Grand Prix jumper Latzero (s.La Zarras) and the international jumper Mr. Taylor (s.Coronado).

Performance Test Report
Improver VDT is an honest and reliable stallion with a good disposition. The stallion is more than sufficient to very good in his willingness to work, and he has good trainability. In relaxation, the walk is pure and has more than sufficient to good scope and elasticity. The trot is characterized by abundant push and good balance, with easy and more than sufficient scope. Improver VDT can easily shorten the stride in the trot and stay very rhythmical. The canter is powerful with more than sufficient to good scope and more than sufficient carriage. Improver VDT moves with good elasticity, carriage and balance. As a dressage horse, Improver VDT has abundant talent and gives his rider a good feeling.

Stable Behavior
Improver VDT is an honest and reliable stallion. He is easy on the ground and quiet in his stall.

Veterinary Report
No peculiarities noted.

Semen Inspection
Expected fertility class: good

News about Improver VDT:
– Improver VDT receives stud certificate!
– Video Improver VDT available on KWPN TV

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